Practicing the Rule of Three: Polish SAF-T

Publication date Read time 2 min Tags testing, one of the biggest websites for testers in Poland, published short article about problems with system behind SAF-T. It’s in Polish, but Google Translate does not-terrible job at translating it to English. The bottom line is: application does not allow to input numbers with more than two significant digits. claim that system was “not tested enough”.

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Found on web: Radiologist are testers, too

Luke Oakden-Rayner, PhD candidate in field of radiology, explains why certain X-ray images database is not really fit to task of training medical systems to do diagnostics. His observations stem from questions that apply to pretty much any dataset used to train machines.

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Registering for TestingCup

Publication date Read time 5 min Tags testing

Yesterday, I tried to register for TestingCup competition and conference. Number of issues I have encountered is well outside of my comfort zone.

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