My question on AB Testing podcast

Question that I’ve asked has been covered in recent episode of AB Testing. Answer starts at around 9 minutes mark.

I’m not a huge fan of podcasts. Most of them aren’t particularly interesting. In rare cases when I do find something that I would like to listen to, it’s hard for me to find enough time and right place. Usually when I try to listen to them on my computer, I get distracted, shift my attention to something else and eventually find out that recording has stopped and I don’t remember a single thing they said.

This has been changing this calendar year, as I was gifted one of these wireless headphones. I put them on when I do household chores or when I want to take a rest from looking at screen. This works rather well for me so far. One of the things that I have listened to was AB Testing podcast episode 94: “Modern Testing meets Context-Driven Testing”.

I was surprised by quality of it. One particular thing that stands out is the way that hosts discuss and debate. When they disagree, they do it in very civil and constructive manner. When they agree, they contribute useful point of view to each other thought. When they talk about differences between Modern Testing and Context-Driven Testing, they stress out whether disagreement is on fundamental level, or in wording that is used. I fully recommend listening to that episode, even if only to see how high-quality discussion might look like. We have way too few of these on the Internet.

I recommend listening to that episode also because it has couple of good points and thought-provoking statements on subjects of management and trust between manager and associate. Both hosts are at high level of their respective organizations, so their experience and points of view are worth considering.

Anyway, one of the subjects they touched was “skilled” and “unskilled” testing. I wanted to learn more about it, so I emailed couple of questions to Alan, one of podcast hosts. He decided to answer them over in the show. That episode is now live. If you are interested, listen to AB Testing Episode 97: Questions About Developers and Tests”.