Found on web: Premises of Rapid Software Testing

Head on to Michael Bolton blog to read about fundamentals of Rapid Software Testing.

I am big fan of James Bach and Michael Bolton work on testing. As I was reading through their blogs archives - something you might consider to do as well, but be warned that Michael is very prolific writer - I stumbled on three-part series called Premises of Rapid Software Testing.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

This series explains eight core principles of Rapid Software Testing. They are rather uncontroversial and I feel that every working professional will agree with them, including people who do not agree with some of the other works by James and Michael. I also feel it’s good idea to learn them by heart, or print them out and put someplace close, so you can check them out when working. It’s all too easy to lose touch with fundamentals when you are deep in some detail, like checking framework development. You can only benefit from taking a step back once in a while and reflecting on your work as a whole.

There are three parts, but reading them will take you maybe five minutes, so do it right now. They are great source of inspiration and thinking about their implications might take a good chunk of an hour, so do it when you have some more time.