I’m Mirek Długosz (pronunciation). I’m a software engineer and I specialize in testing.

My work primarily revolves around automation, web (both frontend and backend) and data processing. My language of choice is Python, but I’m also comfortable in JavaScript, PHP, R and bash.

I maintain my professional CV / resume on LinkedIn. While I am not looking for full time employment, I am available for commissioned work.

I’ve been passionate about open source since I first heard about it, back in 2005. In the past, I have contributed translations and QA work for Debian, KDE and LibreOffice. These days I mostly contribute code. Most of my work happens on GitHub.

I have started few open source projects, too. You can read more about them on Projects page.

Between discovering open source and getting hired as a software engineer, I pursued master’s degree in sociology. I rounded it off with a bachelor degree in computer science couple of years later. I firmly believe that “Methodology of Sciences” is the most professionally relevant class I have ever taken.

Open invitation

I’m always happy to talk about testing, open source, software engineering and related topics.

If you want to discuss any of my work, I want to talk with you. If you want to discuss any of your work, I want to talk with you. If you are looking for software, book or career recommendation, I want to talk with you. If you have a software, book or blog recommendation, I want to hear it.

I don’t expect anything in exchange, but I can’t promise more than little bit of my time and attention. I think world is a better place when it’s not only about money.

You can reach me through channels listed below. I strongly prefer email.