Below is the list of projects that I created, started or significantly contributed to. Some non-significant contributions are often tracked on Github.


Web application that helps you build your own Pokémon team in any core series game. GitHub.

Tags Python, Angular, TypeScript, SCSS

Pelican Social Cards plugin

Pelican plugin that generates images to make your posts more visually appealing on social media. GitHub.

Tags Python, Pillow, pytest

Pelican Metadata Generator

Graphical application to create Pelican post metadata. GitHub.

Tags Python, PyQt 5, unittest, Markdown


Framework to interact with Red Hat Satellite, supporting automated web UI checks created by Satellite QE team. I was maintaining it from June 2019 to June 2020. GitHub.

Tags Python, Selenium, XPath

Civic engagement in Europe

R Shiny application to explore changes in civic engagement index in various European countries over time. GitHub.

Tags R, ggplot2, Shiny (HTML, CSS), data wrangling, visualisation


Ansible playbook to deploy some of my configuration files and install utilities that are rarely packaged by distributions. GitHub.

Tags Ansible

My blog

My current blog, focused mainly on testing and tech. GitHub.

Tags Pelican, Jinja2 (HTML, SCSS), writing

Przepis na LibreOffice

My discontinued blog focused on LibreOffice tips and tricks. It was relatively popular in Polish open source and academic communities, attracting about 20 000 unique visitors in peak months.

Tags Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, writing

A Fistful of Links website

I prepared most of new website, based on Hugo, and created automatic build system in Github Actions. I also ported historical content from intranet site. GitHub.

Tags Hugo, Github Actions, Python