Found on web: AST blogroll

I grabbed a list of blogs aggregated on Association for Software Testing website, so you don’t have to.

Have you heard about Association for Software Testing (AST), US-based non-profit organization? I probably did hear the name before, but dismissed it as something akin to ISTQB. Only recently I learned how wrong I was - it is actually association of Context-Driven testers, created by Cem Kaner himself!

One of the hidden gems on their website is planet / blog aggregator / blog syndication feature. On the right side of their blog there is a black box with links to posts written by some of the members of AST. While you can use that box directly, or subscribe to AST blog feed (which is union of posts from all tracked blogs), I wanted to see a full list of all aggregated blogs. This makes it harder to miss people who don’t blog anymore, but have rich collection of past writings.

Since I couldn’t find such list, I decided to create it myself. Blogs are sorted in descending order by the publication time of newest posts.