Found on web: Mark Blyth

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Mark Blyth is economist-turned-political scientist that you should definitely check out.

I discovered his lecture on austerity by complete incident - I wasn’t even looking for anything related, but the context suggested that he talks on how anti-social economic policy is doing more harm than good in Europe, so I checked it out. I was immediately won over by his confidence, usage of data to support his points and by his holistic view.

Or take his lecture on risk in the world with Trump as another example (it’s from early 2017 - back when Trump has not yet assumed the office). He very skillfully introduces basic concepts and builds on them to prove his thesis. He draws from statistics, modelling, risk analysis and some smaller, standalone ideas (black swans, intelligent yet idiot) to create coherent, well rounded message. It’s also funny at times!

Even if Blyth is not talking about testing, he uses many tools that testers should be at least familiar with. He is exemplary in how he takes abstract concepts into their very practical implications and in how he connects and elevates basic ideas to understand complex phenomena of real world. His work is something we could all admire and aspire to.