Association for Software Testing Board of Directors report - October 2023

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In my Association for Software Testing 2023 elections proceedings I advocated for transparency. In the spirit of practising what I preach, this blog post summarizes my work for AST in October 2023.

  • Configured Google reCAPTCHA for contact plugin on the website. We use Contact Form 7, and since version 5.8.1 it complains about “unsafe emails without protection” in specific configurations. Adding reCAPTCHA silences the complaint.
  • Finished runbook for asking for CAST presentation slides. This is internal only and I can’t link to this, sorry. This wraps up a project to build a database of all the presentations and slide decks used at AST events, something I started back in February.
  • Created a runbook for pitfalls to look out for when creating a new newsletter. Again, this is internal only.
  • Preparing the field for transition from shared Google Drive directory to shared Drive. I mostly learned about pros and cons of each and differences between these two. I also created new shared Drive to get some hands-on experience. I hope the transition will happen in November.
  • Monthly Board of Directors meeting.
  • Some internal Slack discussions and reviewing work of other people.

I’d say that was not bad for a first month! Let’s keep this momentum going.

If you are interested in becoming a better tester, advancing the practice of software testing or just want to support my work, consider subscribing to AST newsletter and becoming a member. If you have any questions, ideas or would like to work together, you can email me at mirekdlugosz %at% or get in touch through other channels.