Popularity of Google Analytics among R and python bloggers

Publication date Read time 3 min Tags Linux

One day I was wondering whether anyone actually reads that blog. A thought about setting up Google Analytics crossed my mind, but legitimate concerns about users privacy made me hesitant. Then I wanted to try out Piwik, but installation and configuration requires some effort and I wasn’t sure if I want to make that investment. Eventually I figured out that I should probably do whatever other R and python bloggers are doing. But first I had to learn what it is.

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How to create ebook from website spanning multiple pages

Publication date Read time 7 min Tags Linux / tutorial

Every now and then I stumble upon book that disguises itself as website - it has table of contents and spans multiple interlinked pages, each dedicated to one coherent piece. Sometimes I like to take them offline, so I can read them on travel. Sometimes I like to take them off computer, because reading long passages of text on screen is not that convenient. Sometimes I would prefer to have them in ebook format, because that’s what they really are. Here’s how I do that.

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